Dynamically change Session/Message Driven Bean parameters

When an EJB3 Session Bean or a Message Driven Bean is created, it is assigned some basic parameters such as Max Pool Size, Timeout, Max Session Size etc. Such parameters are pre-configured with default values in ‘ejb3-interceptors-aop.xml‘ file available in $JBOSS_HOME/server/$Profile/deploy folder. As you will open the file, you will find that the parameters are […]

Custom Library Management for specific JBoss Server Instance

In one of our previous post, we have discussed about the Directory Structure of JBoss. There is a specific directory called ‘lib‘ in each JBoss Server Instance (JBoss Server Profile). The ‘lib‘ directory consists of JAR files which is specific to given JBoss Server Profile (or Instance). It is very convenient to place all the […]

What’s all that jazz about ‘jbossall-client.jar’ !!!

In our previous post, we have discussed about the directory structure of JBossAS-5.x where we have had a glance on the ‘client‘ directory of JBoss. The ‘client‘ directory consists of all the client libraries required to make communication with the server. Consider, you have an EJB application deployed on your JBoss AS Server. You want […]