What is JBoss AS?

We’re going to start off by introducing JBoss AS and its basic details. JBoss is an Open Source Community Project from Red Hat Inc. JBoss, which is now known as “WildFly“, is an Java EE based Application Server that runs on various JVMs. JBoss is not only implemented in Java, but also runs on Java.

JBoss implements the Java Server and Specification of Java EE. The primary task of JBoss Application Server is to allow Java EE based applications to host and run on its platform. In tech language, the alternative term for “host” is to “deploy“.

In nutshell, we deploy Java EE based Applications on JBoss Application Server which implements specs of Java EE.

Latest version of JBoss AS currently available is 7. Earlier of our articles/tutorials will be based in JBoss AS 5 or 6.

JBoss comes in two editions. One is community edition which is called JBoss AS, another is enterprise edition JBoss EAP (Enterprise Application Platforms).

The community edition is fast developing by the community users to the community. It is more suitable for advanced developers who wants to try something new.

While the enterprise edition is extensively tested and stability is guaranteed by Red Hat. JBoss EAP is not just an application server, but a stack of various other programs as well other than application server. Red Hat provides professional support on enterprise edition. It is more suitable for production environment.

The comparative analysis of JBoss Community and JBoss EAP is stated by Red Hat as following,

JBoss Community vs JBoss EAP

For more information on JBoss Application Server, visit http://www.jboss.org/jbossas

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